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Ever wondered what this bourbon craze is all about but were afraid to ask? Or maybe you felt a little bit intimidated by those "serious bourbon drinkers" and haven't dipped your toe in the water.

So many brands. So many variations. So many experts. And so much hype.

Well, for me, there was just one way to solve this problem. I jumped in the car and headed to Kentucky and Tennessee, armed with nothing more than some distillery reservations and a dream. A dream to come home an intelligent bourbon consumer (or at least not a bourbon dummy).

What follows is my bourbon journey, captured in notes and video blogs...filmed unedited and unrehearsed. Part of this is to entertain, but also to help you plan your own bourbon tour. One that fits your interests.

And along the way, I'll help you find out why Pappy Van Winkle is so rare, what pairs best with bourbon, how you handle driving on a bourbon tour, tips to keep you safe and sane, and maps, photos and insights from each stop. I'll even help you get an initial understanding of bourbon terminology, so you don't feel like you're starting from zero.

How To Enjoy This Bourbon Tour

Go ahead and watch the introductory video above and then you can check out each day individually. Have a great time and let me know how your trip planning goes via Instagram or in the comments at the end of each page. I hope this guide is extremely helpful for you in your quest to discover great bourbons and whiskeys. 

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