The Inspiration for Finding 007 in the Czech Republic

A couple years back, I was moving my business into a new building and had saved up enough points on my credit card from the construction costs to grab a free plane ticket to Europe.  My first thought was to head into Paris and spend 2 1/2 weeks getting to know The City of Lights and test my French speaking skills.  But after I booked my reservation, I started to think - just Paris? 

I had never explored Europe. Maybe this was my chance. I could rent a car and go on an adventure. 

A couple years ago, I planned a European trip using James Bond as my guide. He always goes to such exotic places, it seemed the perfect way to see the Old Country. Information was scarce at that time, so I did the best I could. There are a lot more resources now. I'll be working on a guide to condense this information by country, so you can more easily track these places down. First stop, Austria!